PIAA was established in 1981 by Architect Planner Parvez Iqbal putting to the disposal of the organization his vast and in depth experience in the field of architecture and consultancy. The firm made the most out of his exceptional educational background and experience from working at strategic positions for renowned consulting organizations of the country. Since its establishment, PIAA has been serving national as well as international prestigious organizations in the field of architecture, civil engineering and interior designing. PIAA is a unique kind of establishment in the country which offers comprehensive planning, architectural, engineering and managerial services according to the geographical and climatic conditions, socioeconomic set up and technological resources of the country from the original concept of the assignment to the completion and execution of the initial operation of the facility. The firm keeps itself rich with a diversified human resource of highly educated and skilled professionals in order to maintain the highest standard of the profession. Since its inception, PIAA has worked for almost all the sectors of the ever demanding economy through civil engineering and development projects for health facilities, educational buildings, housing schemes, religious and industrial buildings, bridges and highways, transportation planning , traffic engineering, surveys and mapping, factories, water supply and sewage disposal etc. This vast experience can and will be put to the best possible use for a complete and integrated solution to all your development and planning needs.