PIAA, for almost three decades has left an undeniable foot print on the building and development landscape of Pakistan. It has been providing a complete array of value added services to this sector such as consultancy, architecture, interior designing, engineering and planning. The beneficiaries of par excellence work and utmost professionalism of PIAA have been almost all the sectors of the ever demanding economy through civil engineering and development projects for health facilities, educational buildings, housing schemes, religious and industrial buildings, bridges and highways, transportation planning , traffic engineering, surveys and mapping, factories, water supply and sewage disposal etc. The endeavors by PIAA have achieved acknowledgement and recognition through more than seventeen awards and its work being regularly published as an example for educational and benchmarking purposes. Furthermore, PIAA maintains a close association with a diversified and proven group of practitioners in the field of architecture, engineering, planning and business thus supplementing its own resources and provides its clients with the most capable talent and technical skill that is available as a complete solution to their needs. The firm's design process ensures that technical innovation, performance and delivery are given as much weight as the conventional values of form, space and light.